Interest in German

11 Dec

One thing that I find fascinating about Germany is the variety of music the nation has produced. From the classic works of Beethoven to the modern music today Germany has had a major influence on the music of the world. I am a fan of classical music and in my opinion Beethoven is the most influential classical composer (Mozart being second even though he was Austrian and not actually German). As time went on I started to start listening to a lot of post rock and a good portion of post rock bands are European. My favorite German post rock bands being a dog called ego and Milhaven. It isn’t really that apparent that these bands are actually German since one has songs in English and the other is entirely instrumental. Since post rock is usually instrumental it doesn’t really matter where exactly the bands are from since music itself has no barriers. Industrial rock is one of my favorite genres of music and many of the best bands of the genre are German. I would always listen to bands like Rammstein or KMFDM and have absolutely no idea what they were saying which annoyed me, so I decided to take a German class back in my sophomore year of high school. I really enjoyed the class and felt as though I learned a lot. I switched schools going into my junior year and unfortunately the school I switched into only offered Spanish, French, and Italian. Instead of switching into a different language I just decided not to take any language at all. When I was accepted into TCNJ I was excited to be able to take German again but wasn’t able to at the time due to my major. Once I switched majors I decided that I should take German again.


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