Wir sind Helden

10 Dec

My first real exposure to German culture was in my high school German class. We had studied terms for describing music, and then we progressed to listening to some modern German bands. Some bands that we listened to were Tokio Hotel, which I was surprised to hear they were a German band, Wir sind Helden, and Kante. When I heard Wir sind Helden, I was immediately interested in finding out more about them. They had this way of making music that was different from American music and still really great to listen to. My teacher assigned us projects to research a German band, unfortunately I could not research Wir sind Helden, so I searched for another band. I settled on Kante, which was very different in terms of style from Wir sind Helden. I eventually downloaded one of Wir sind Helden’s most popular songs, “Nur ein wort”. I still listen to it regularly and have furthered my interests in Germany in general. I even asked my teacher about what I could do if I went to study there. She told me that there was a test I could take to get into the prestigious Goethe Institute if I passed. Despite my great desire to do it, I declined because I needed to get at least a year of college down before studying abroad. I did attend the Study Abroad fair held on campus and met some of the German students. They were incredibly nice and provided a fair amount of information about studying in Germany. I looked through the informational packets and noticed how different their way of doing things was. It just makes me more eager to study there. Because my teacher integrated music into her class, my interest in Germany grew so I would not only want to go there to study, but to immerse myself into the culture.



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