“Augen Auf” by Oomph!

10 Dec

A few years ago, I heard a song that was sung entirely in German. I didn’t understand any of the words, except for one part where the singer counted to ten in German. Still, the song was really catchy. It sounded like a hard rock or metal song, and every now and then the tune would be stuck in my head. However, I never saw what the song was called or who sang it, so when I went to find it to buy the song, I couldn’t find it. I looked online for “German rock song,” “German song that counts to ten,” anything I could think of that might bring that song and never found it. Now that I’ve taken German, my interest in the song was rekindled, and I wondered if I heard it again, would I know what the lyrics were saying?

I tried looking for it again. This time, instead of “German rock song,” I looked up “German metal song counting to ten.” On the first page of the search website, I saw the lyrics to the song. The song was “Augen Auf” by the German band Oomph!. I read through the lyrics, and found that I understood the chorus, which was “Augen auf, ich komme.” I read this as “Eyes open, I come.” However, I learned that in German, the phrase “augen auf” translates to something along the lines of “Watch out” or “Look out,” so the phrase was really something like “Look out, here I come.” I found this very interesting because in English, we also have phrases that mean something other than their literal translation. For example, “What’s up?” doesn’t mean “what is above you” but actually means “How are you?” It was interesting to see an example of this in another language, especially in one that I was studying, and I’m glad I looked up and the song and ultimately gained deeper insight into the German language.

Here is a link to the song:




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