Family Ties

7 Dec

I actually chose to start studying German in 5th grade.  My original reason for choosing German was that, while I am a typical American mutt, German is one of my largest cultural heritages, second only to Polish since my mother is almost completely polish and my father is a mutt.  I wanted to learn about the culture my family came from, and while Poland is very different from Germany, my Grandmother came over from Poland at the very beginning of World War II, and so I have heard many stories about what it was like there with the German influence.

I was in German class for five years before coming to college.  Once I started learning, I was intrigued by the language.  I was forced to stop taking German my Junior year of High School due to scheduling conflicts, and yet I would still speak in German with some friends of mine at school.  I regret having to stop, especially since I began to forget most of what I learned over those five years.  I still enjoyed the language, even if I began to forget most of it. 

By this time, my interests had dramatically changed from 5th grade, and I had become fascinated with German music.  Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, I wanted to learn as much as I could about German music and how the sound of the language related to/affected the sound of German music.  German is by far my favorite language to sing in, and I’ve sung in over 15 different languages.  And so, while I could have taken an easier language such as Spanish to fill my language requirements, I decided to take German again because I missed the language.  I am determined to apply what I learn in class to my musical world.  The German language never ceases to amaze me.


One Response to “Family Ties”

  1. MV December 9, 2010 at 1:30 am #

    I hope we will get you to sing for the class 🙂

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