Adventures in Europe

4 Dec

Last Spring, I was lucky enough to go to Europe with the German club at my high school, which I was president of.  We do a trip like that every year, fund-raising a little and then we make up the rest of the cost for ourselves.  I had wanted to go junior year, but I did not have enough money yet, so I settled on going senior year. I was so glad I decided to wait for the trip senior year, since it was so much fun! We went to Paris, France; Lucerne, Switzerland; and Muenchen- I mean, Munich- Germany. I always end up calling it Muenchen even when speaking English, haha. People who don’t speak German get confused and ask me where it is, and then I say, “Oh, I mean Munich. “  Anyway, although Paris was awesome, I was not as taken by it nearly as much as Lucerne and Munich. I’m not sure which of the two my favorite was. Lucerne is very beautiful, and has many swans; in fact, the swans there are pretty much like geese here in America. They even have controlled killings of them, because apparently their waste kills most the life in the lake if there’s too many of them, which happens often because they have no natural predators left, just like the geese here! I was astounded, since in America we hold Swans as rare, special creatures, but there they were just a nuisance. Anyway, Lucerne’s lake has a wonderful, ancient bridge spanning across it, and on the other side of the city there’s this old wall that looks like it could have been from a fort or castle. You just don’t find things like that in America. The shops there were all very cute and wonderful, too, and the ice cream was sooooo yummy! Speaking of the ice cream, in Munich, they had lots of alcoholic flavors. Not just flavors, either- there was actual alcohol in the ice cream! That is something you definitely do not see in America. We didn’t realize this, and got large ice cream, and I swear, it was so strong my friends and I nearly got drunk off the ice cream. A good portion the chocolates, too, contained alcohol! I was about to purchase some for my little cousin back home, when I realized this. Luckily I could read German, or I would not have known, and ended up giving my 6 year old cousin alcohol without even realizing it! Anyway, enough about alcohol, back to the architecture. In Munich, there were tons of old, beautiful stone buildings and highly decorated gothic style buildings covered in statues and intricate designs and gargoyles. It was amazing! I really wish America had more places like that. In fact, I think I actually will move to Europe someday. Oh, and we went to Neuschwanstein castle, and got a tour in German. I could understand most of it, which made me very happy! I love the German language very much. The stories of the castle were extremely interesting. Oh, we also stopped in Liechtenstein, for a few hours, between Lucerne and Munich. It was snowing there, so I didn’t get to see much of it, but the shops there were cute, too. Everywhere I’ve been in Europe seems to have a unique atmosphere and class all its own, and it’s extremely different from America. I feel like I belong in Europe, not America. It just feels more like it fits me. I definitely plan to live there someday, which is, of course, the main reason I want to become fluent in German!


~Larissa ❤


One Response to “Adventures in Europe”

  1. MV December 9, 2010 at 1:34 am #

    Sounds like your trip to Europe was a lot of fun!

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