Trip to Germany

1 Dec

A few summers ago I visited Germany and stayed with family outside the city of Bonn which probably my favorite place. I loved so many things from the country. Bonn itself is an amazing city and I would ride my bike over there constantly since no one really uses cars ever. It’s filled with little boutiques unlike the huge malls like in America and it seemed like the fashion was completely different. The city is filled with great places to eat too; the restaurants served all types of German food (and there was even a Pizza Hut and McDonalds), there were ice cream shops everywhere, and the bakeries were on every block. The bakeries were by far my favorite and I visited them all the time to buy zuckersopfts (I’m not sure exactly how it’s spelt) which were pieces of bread that are covered in clumps of sugar. I also visited the house Beethoven was born in. There was another thing that I found interesting too. Around the city there were cameras on top of buildings and every hour they’d take a picture of the location they were in and it’d be uploaded onto the internet for people to see.

After going to Bonn, my family and I saw some other nice tourist attractions. We went south to Bavaria, Germany and climbed the Alps which is a huge mountain chain in Europe. At the peaks it snowed (even though it was summer) and as we climbed farther down, we kept passing family run cow farms and little restaurants too. Even though it was extremely hard work, it was a great accomplishment.

Besides seeing Bonn and Bavaria, we took a boat trip on the Rhine, went into German castles, visited the city of Koln, and saw some of the smaller towns in Germany. Overall it was an amazing experience and I definitely hope to go back and see more of the country.






One Response to “Trip to Germany”

  1. MV December 9, 2010 at 1:40 am #

    I hope too you will get to go back!

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