Dschinghis Khan

28 Nov

One thing from Germany that grabbed my attention a few years ago was the band Dschinghis Khan, a late 1970’s disco/pop band formed for the purpose of representing Germany in the 1979 Eurovision contest where countries of Europe send musical acts to compete to determine which country has the best musical act. The acts in this competetion range generally from unusual to downright bizarre and Dschinghis Khan is no exception. When seeing the band perform, the first thing the jumps at anyone is the elaborate and often ridiculous costumes the members wear to go along with their songs. Their main costumes are supposed to be inspired by Genghis Khan and the culture he was part of, which is where the band gets its name from. The song the band performed for Eurovision was also about Genghis Khan and was appropriately named “Dschinghis Khan”. The band did not win the contest, but they did experience a measure of success afterwards with the songs “Dschinghis Khan” and “Moskau” among a few others before breaking up before the 1990’s. Despite their relatively short time as a band, they managed to make a following that eventually convinced the members to reform the band for a few years starting in 2005. While the band may have not been the most successful or influential band from what was West Germany in that time frame, I believe that the band is interesting as the band is quite unique in itself and it shows some of the unusual music coming out of Germany at that time and out of Eurovision in general. The music itself in not exactly amazing, but some of their songs can be quite catchy and seeing videos of the band performing are amusing at the very least due to their enthusiastic dance moves and wild and varied costumes.



One Response to “Dschinghis Khan”

  1. MV December 9, 2010 at 1:45 am #

    “The acts in this competetion range generally from unusual to downright bizarre ” – I like your description of the Eurovision songs:) It’s true, some of the songs are plain weird. IMHO, the best group with roots in Eurovision was ABBA.

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