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A Language to Bring Me Home

23 Sep

I have been exposed to German all my life, through both the culture and the language. My Oma, my grandmother on my mom’s side is a big inspiration in my life and I love her dearly. She has taught me more than I can express, from life lessons and virtues, to being a confident woman.  She is smart, beautiful, independent, giving, stubborn, caring and very German. I have learned how to say many things, how to cook German dishes and definitely ate my fair share of German food. When I was in high school, I took a trip to Germany with my Oma and my Aunt Rosa. We went to visit our family members there and to do some sightseeing. Oma showed me where her and Opa met and went dancing, where Opa’s band played, and where she went to school. It was so special to be there, in that very place she had grown up. This was where she had learned all the special things that she taught me. I can’t express in words how much I loved being in Germany. I loved meeting my family, eating the food, learning about the culture, seeing the main attractions, talking with the people, and hearing the language. It just felt so natural for me to be there and I have been yearning to go back ever since I left.  Germany felt like home to me. This is mostly the reason for why I wanted to learn German. It is the language spoken by my Oma and understood by my mom and my aunt. It feels like a part of me because I have heard it all my life and my trip to Germany only convinced me further to learn it. Yes, I am required to take three semesters of a language, but I wouldn’t be so excited to learn any other language. I truly love being German and carrying out the traditions of my culture. I thought it would be even better if I could learn more about the language of my culture. This is why I made the decision to take this language, and I’m very happy that I did.